THE stakeholders IN QUÉBEC

Vinexpo Explorer is where producers meet buyers, surrounded by matchmakers, the media and VIP guests, making this pioneering format a one-of-a-kind event.
As the designer and organiser of the event, Vinexposium chose Québec as a destination due to the particularly strong recent growth in its spirits market and the emergence of craft distilleries with unique skill sets.

The Vinexposium team
will be on hand during the event to ensure a stress-free experience for participants, organise the many tastings, visits and business meetings and allow the Chapter IV event to fully achieve its potential in terms of hospitality and business.




The Québec Microdistilleries Union (UQMD) is the event’s co-organiser.

The association’s mission is to encourage the development of a local craft distillery industry, promote production and sales of distilled products at the distillery door and ensure promotion of the spirits in Québec, Canada and worldwide.




Québec has genuine expertise with its sights set squarely on the future. It is in a league of its own, taking on board techniques from across the spectrum. It borrows methods and types of still from around the world, adapting them to its realities and cultural heritage. Québec distilleries are bolding moving forward, taking an open-minded approach to expertise. They are exploring and sharing their discoveries among themselves and with consumers.

Our craft distilleries are the rationale behind this chapter of Vinexpo Explorer. Selected for how well they represent the Québec market, 25 craft distilleries will be offering introductory tastings of their spirits – some will offer visits to their properties – and all of them will be available for curated business meetings designed to develop awareness of their products. 



The Québec craft distillery organisation (UQMD) is the event’s co-organiser.

These are the event’s special guests, invited so that they can discover the host region, its history, its culture and its producers in situ. This small (approximately 35 people), highly qualified group represents markets – both large and emergent – and strategic lines of business for the international sales development of Québec spirits producers.
They are mostly importers, distributors and wholesalers whose task is to secure a foothold for Québec spirits in key countries.



Renowned journalists and local and international opinion leaders are invited so that they can report on the event and turn the spotlight on the host region, allowing the entire global industry to gain greater awareness of it.


During the masterclasses and networking opportunities afforded by Vinexpo Explorer, international personalities – namely sommeliers and influencers from the spirits industry – will join the group.
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