17-20 September 2023
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Immersion in the Beaujolais with Vinexpo Explorer


Bordeaux, 02 October 2019
The third edition of Vinexpo Explorer, which took place in Beaujolais (France) from September 30th to October 1 st has raised enthusiasm among all the participants.

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Vinexpo Explorer Beaujolais: a new way of making business


Bordeaux, 12 September 2019
It is in the Beaujolais region that Vinexpo will hold its third edition of Vinexpo Explorer. The event puts the light, during three days, on the richness of a region’s wine culture...

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Sonoma county wineries boost business through Vinexpo Explorer

Sonoma County, 27 September 2018
Affirming its role as leading partner of the wine and spirits industry worldwide, Vinexpo hosted the annual second chapter of its ‘Explorer’ business-generating event in Sonoma County, California from 23–25 September.

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Success for the first Vinexpo Explorer


Austria, 13 September 2017
The very first Vinexpo Explorer, which took place in Vienna (Austria) on 11 & 12 September, was a hit with all participants. The new concept, combining business and tastings focused on one winegrowing region, proved successful, paving the way for a new approach...

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