You are about to use the visitor pre-registration service for the trade fair Vinexpo Explorer Québec 2023, operated by our partner Expoplatform Limited.
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all pre-registration requests made online by users (hereafter "Clients") via the website (hereafter "the Website"), and are given for the purpose of specifying the conditions governing all pre-registration requests to attend the trade event Vinexpo Explorer Québec 2023 (hereafter "the Trade Event”), organised by VINEXPOSIUM (hereafter "the Company") as a visitor.

These general terms and conditions may be modified by the Company at any time. Users will be notified of all modifications to these general terms and conditions, and any of the documents to which they refer, upon their first visit to the Website after the modifications have been made. 

Before submitting a request for pre-registration, Clients explicitly declare that they are aware of these general terms and conditions and accept them unconditionally, by ticking the box "I have read and accepted the general terms and conditions of the pre-registration process" before clicking "Confirm my request." 

It should be clearly understood that the entrance passes sold on this Website (hereafter "the Entrance passes") are reserved for professional clients. 


Personal data 
The Company, as data controller, processes the Client’s personal data in order to manage its order and its business relationship with the Company in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Visitor Registration and Participation.
Said information and personal data will also be processed for security purposes in order to comply with the Company’s legal and regulatory obligations, as well as to enable the Company to improve and personalize the services that it offers.
Depending on the choices made by the Client on its pre-registration request, the Client may also receive, by any communications channels, business proposals and news on the Company’s activities and services.
The Client’s personal data may be processed, on the basis of the consent (which he may withdraw at any time) in order to communicate to him business proposals and news about other Comexposium Group events and/or their partners, by any communications channels.

Only the Company’s in-house teams and the service providers that it has authorized in connection with the organization and management of the Show will have access to the Client’s personal data. If applicable, these data can be communicated to third parties, according to the Client’s choice (the Company’s partners /Comexposium Group Companies).

The personal data that must necessarily be provided are indicated as such on the form and are necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract between the Client and the Company. The Company will not be able to process the Client's requests without said data.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, the Client has a right of access, a right of rectification, a right to delete data, a right to object to the processing of its data, and to limit its processing and a right regarding the portability of its data. The Client may exercise these rights at any time by writing to the company VINEXPOSIUM or by email at Finally, the Client has the right to lodge a complaint with France’s Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés (the “Cnil”).

The Client’s personal data will be retained for the duration of its commercial relationship with the Company and then for a period of three sessions from the date on which the Client most recently expressed an interest.

The data needed to establish proof of the said relationship, the data needed to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of visitor Registration and Participation and the data needed in order for the Company to comply with its legal and regulatory obligations shall be kept in accordance with provisions in force.

The Company will systematically confirm all pre-registration requests by means of an email sent to the Client.
If you do not receive your confirmation email, please write to the Company at

At the end of the online order, the Company will send the Client an e-mail inviting him to download and print his badge in PDF format, on a standard printer. The badge will be available on the Site in the Client's personal space.
One PDF file will be created for each Entrance pass.

Each Access Pass is STRICTLY personal (the bearer's identity may be checked at the entrance to the Event) and non-transferable.
Entrance passes can also be displayed via the website, in the Client's personal space.

Conditions for the printing and validity of Entrance passes 
In order to be considered valid, Entrance passes must be printed in portrait (vertical) format on a sheet of white A4 paper, with no other text or images on either side, without modifications to the print format or text size.
The badge can also be presented on digital media (phone, tablet,...)

Entrance passes must be printed in good quality. Partially printed, dirty, damaged or illegible badges will not be accepted and shall be considered as invalid. If the printing quality is insufficient, Clients must reprint their own passes


At the end of the online order, the Company will send the Client an e-mail inviting him to download his badge, which is available on the Site in the Client's personal space.
The badge must be presented on an electronic medium (telephone, tablet, etc.) to obtain a real badge giving access to the event.

Each Access Pass is STRICTLY personal (the bearer's identity may be checked at the entrance to the Event) and non-transferable.

Entrance passes feature a unique bar code allowing one person to access the Event, throughout the period of validity of the Entrance pass. The validity of Entrance passes will be checked at the entrance to the Event, with bar code scanners. 
It is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or copy Entrance passes in any way.As a result, the Company may refuse entrance in cases where multiple printed versions, reproductions, copies or imitations of the same Entrance pass are found to be in circulation, and if access to the Event has already been granted to a person holding one such print-out, reproduction, copy or imitation of the Entrance pass in question.  

The Company cannot accept any liability from anomalies arising during the ordering, processing or printing of Entrance passes.

In the event of stands equipped with pass readers
The exhibitors’ stands may be equipped with pass readers.
When presenting its pass on the reader, the Client consents to provide to the exhibitor its personal data (name, surname, electronic address,….) in order to receive business proposals.
Whether the Client is not willing to share its personal information with an exhibitor, the Client must not present its pass on the exhibitor’s reader. Data collected by pass readers will also be used by the Company for statistical purposes and for analysing visitor numbers and interaction.

All orders placed online are firm and definitive, constituting an irrevocable commitment.

By the same token, the Company will not accept any modifications to the Entrance passes as originally ordered (bearer's name, title, company etc.).
Clients are encouraged to check all information carefully before confirming their orders.

Waiver of the right of withdrawal
In accordance with Article L221-28 
of the French Consumer Code, Entrance passes to trade fairs and similar events are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

Please remember that passes cannot be transferred
Touting of Entrance passes in public places, private settings or via the internet is a criminal offence punishable by arrest and prosecution, with a maximum fine of €15,000 (Art. 313-6-2 of the French Criminal Code).

If the Event to which the Client has purchased Entrance passes is cancelled, or the dates or times are changed, the Client accepts that the Company may use the contact details provided when placing the order online in order to inform them of the measures to be taken. 
If the Event is cancelled by the Company on account of an incident of force majeure, as defined in French law, the Company will inform all Clients without delay. In such cases, no damages or interest will be payable and all sums received by the Company will be returned to the Clients.

Specific information:
Due to the epidemic of Covid-19 and any possible mutation of it, we draw your attention to the fact that the Company may have to cancel the holding of the Show or to postpone it to another date in order to respond to the recommendations of health and government organizations. In such a case, the Company will notify the Clients of its decision to cancel or postpone without delay. In case of cancellation, there will be no damages and the sums collected by the Company will be returned to the Clients; which the Clients expressly accepts and recognizes. If the show is postponed to a later date, the contractual conditions will be maintained for the new dates, which the Clients expressly accepts and recognizes.

For further information and questions, please contact our Communication Department by email at the following address

The Client explicitly authorises, without any expectation of remuneration, the Company and the Vinexposium Group:
• to record, if they so wish, photos and/or videos featuring the Client in their capacity as visitor to the Trade Fair or other events relating there to;
• to make free use of these images in any format, particularly for promotional purposes (including online), in France and internationally, for a period of five years starting from the date on which the Client's pre-registration request is confirmed.

Clients who do not wish to feature in photographs or films made during the Event must notify the Company in writing before the start of the Event.

Any Clients wishing to take their own photos/videos of the Event must also inform the Company in writing in advance. Clients will take sole responsibility for obtaining the necessary authorisations for any images recorded during the Event, and for respecting the image rights of all exhibitors, visitors and participants present at the Event.

The Website may provide access to the websites of the Company's partners via hyperlinks, or by integrating content from partner sites into the Website. 
The Company cannot be held responsible for the content, legality or operations of these sites, and cannot accept any liability for their usage by users. 

All elements, texts, logos, images, sounds, software and icons contained on the Website and reproduced on the Website are protected by intellectual property rights all over the world. As such it is strictly forbidden to modify, represent or reproduce all or part of the Website and its content in any form or by any means.

The pre-registration service provided by the Company on the Website is covered by French law. 

In the event of a dispute, the only competent courts shall be those closest to the Company's headquarters.
In case of contradiction between this translation of the General Terms and Conditions of Visitor Registration and Participation and the French version thereof, only the French version shall prevail.

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